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2013-11-08 :: Marilyn Brandt Smith // Writing
Kentucky Autumn

The goblins put their hats and masks away; Deer season comes in with the waxing moon; Pecans are ready by the creek they say And Nelda makes a real mean macaroon. The weather man sees snow, “Prepare,” he warns. The harvest over, hay is stacked in bails; Tobacco now is stripped and in the barns. […]

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The Other Side of the Glass Wall by Deon P. Lyons I sat at the gate waiting for a flight from Bangor to Florida on a cold, snowy day in 2007. There was an undercurrent of excitement about the upcoming trip to warmer weather. The huge windows overlooking the airfield gave me a view of […]

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2013-09-22 :: Marilyn Brandt Smith // Fragrance + Penned by a Friend + Touch + Writing
Penned by a Friend–Hair

Hair by Abbie Johnson Taylor When I was a little girl, Dad often took me to the barber shop. I sat in a nearby chair and watched with my limited vision, as the barber draped a sheet over Dad and clipped his hair with an electric razor that buzzed and often made snapping noises. That […]

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2013-09-22 :: Marilyn Brandt Smith // Writing
Ode to Orange

Wear it in Austin to a Longhorns game, Ride in Boston on its namesake train, Find it in Belfast and in jail. Carve old Jack upon its face, Decorate weddings amongst the lace, Pretty color for a tomcat’s tail. In a glass or on buttered toast, They say bunnies love it most, Makes a rat […]

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2013-08-19 :: Marilyn Brandt Smith // Touch + Writing
Miss me? I’m back!

I exchanged the expected Summer posts for playing hooky in the sun, sand, and sizzle. Now it’s time to get back to work, get out the sweaters. I have two faves, a light blue knit and a brown corduroy. Then there’s my cape collection: red crochet, navy knit, burgundy velour, and leopard spots in neutral […]

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2013-08-19 :: Marilyn Brandt Smith // Writing
A Different View of Summer Camp: Two Poems

Travelers This suitcase is the one I took to school, It has a broken handle you can see, I wedged it in just like a silly fool On that trip to Yellowstone in ninety-three. We’ll have to change the tag to show it’s yours, We should have bought a new one I suppose, But handlers […]

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2013-06-05 :: Marilyn Brandt Smith // Books + Writing
A Leading Disability Magazine Reviewed my Book

They must have known my birthday was in June. Wordgathering, a journal of disability literature, offers a review of my book, “Chasing the Green Sun,” in its newest quarterly issue. The editors wrote, “Marilyn Brandt Smith, who is best known for putting together the work of other visually impaired writers, comes up with a collection […]

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2013-05-23 :: Marilyn Brandt Smith // Penned by a Friend + Writing
Don’t Litter

Editor’s note: This story first appeared in Magnets and Ladders magazine, but my mysterious mind couldn’t leave it alone. With Sharon’s blessing, I altered some circumstances which changed history for the lady in her original story. Read what could have happened in my story which follows this one. Don’t Litter By Sharon King-Booker Ginger regained […]

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2013-05-23 :: Marilyn Brandt Smith // Writing
Dig Deep

Dig Deep by Marilyn Brandt Smith “I need a bathroom break,” Ginger Carson told the officers. They weren’t the ones she’d told how the home invaders forced their way in, stole the emeralds George had given her for their anniversary, knocked her out, and then killed her husband. Officers Davis and Marcos were digging for […]

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2013-04-15 :: Marilyn Brandt Smith // Writing
Early Blooms

Hello, yellow daffodil, Forsythia, and tulip; How did you find your way out? It’s been so cold for so long; Does Old Punxsutawney Phil Have a vision problem too? But Mother Nature promised! Did you get your strength from her? Welcome to our world again; Tell your pink and purple friends It’s safe, and it’s […]

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