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2013-09-22 :: Marilyn Brandt Smith // Fragrance + Penned by a Friend + Touch + Writing
Penned by a Friend–Hair

Hair by Abbie Johnson Taylor When I was a little girl, Dad often took me to the barber shop. I sat in a nearby chair and watched with my limited vision, as the barber draped a sheet over Dad and clipped his hair with an electric razor that buzzed and often made snapping noises. That […]

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2013-09-22 :: Marilyn Brandt Smith // Fragrance
Speaking of Orange…

I know where you can find reflections of orange to make your home or anything else smell good. How about Mandarin Moon, Orange You Glad, Sunkissed Citrus, Pumpkin Roll, and Pumpkin Marshmallow. Flameless candles, room sprays, or lotions and sachets are available in one or more of these fragrances. Call me or visit my website: […]

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2013-05-23 :: Marilyn Brandt Smith // Fragrance
Not your Mama’s Air Freshener

Since my husband’s and son’s birthdays are two months apart, and Father’s Day is right in the middle, I couldn’t resist the new “man cave” product from the Scentsy Fragrance company. It’s a combo pack of fragrant waxes which are, shall we say, rather unusual: Cold Pizza, Smokehouse, Burn Rubber, Cola, Woodshop, and a golf […]

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2013-03-09 :: Marilyn Brandt Smith // Fragrance
Smells like Spring

Ever enjoyed a candle in a bowl–light, fragrance, warmth–no flame, no wick, no danger! Roses, gardenias, lilacs, violets, and magnolia blossoms can be fresh and fingertip close in your home. Spring and florals remind us that new life is here. Find out about bouquets you can create with waxes and room sprays at Ask […]

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2013-01-09 :: Marilyn Brandt Smith // Fragrance
My Scent for January

Lavender! Wear it; burn it; sleep with it. Ask me how in the comments.

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