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2013-09-22 :: Marilyn Brandt Smith // Fragrance + Penned by a Friend + Touch + Writing
Penned by a Friend–Hair

Hair by Abbie Johnson Taylor When I was a little girl, Dad often took me to the barber shop. I sat in a nearby chair and watched with my limited vision, as the barber draped a sheet over Dad and clipped his hair with an electric razor that buzzed and often made snapping noises. That […]

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2013-08-19 :: Marilyn Brandt Smith // Touch + Writing
Miss me? I’m back!

I exchanged the expected Summer posts for playing hooky in the sun, sand, and sizzle. Now it’s time to get back to work, get out the sweaters. I have two faves, a light blue knit and a brown corduroy. Then there’s my cape collection: red crochet, navy knit, burgundy velour, and leopard spots in neutral […]

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2013-04-15 :: Marilyn Brandt Smith // Penned by a Friend + Touch + Writing
Temporary Employment

Temporary Employment by Ernest A. Jones I want to report about my new job. It’s a specialized position. In fact, I fear I’ve worked myself right out of the job. I had the sole responsibility for bathing two hundred and fifty elephants. Yes, you’re reading correctly, I had to bathe two hundred and fifty dirty […]

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2013-04-15 :: Marilyn Brandt Smith // Touch + Writing

Maybe I’m an overgrown kid, but I still love to touch stuffed animals–just not the stuffing. When I was a preschooler my puppy chewed up my little Raggedy Ann doll all over the yard, and I was the first to find a chunk. At seven, a foe and a friend had a fight over her […]

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