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Not your Mama’s Air Freshener

Thursday 23 May 2013 - Filed under Fragrance

Since my husband’s and son’s birthdays are two months apart, and Father’s Day is right in the middle, I couldn’t resist the new “man cave” product from the Scentsy Fragrance company. It’s a combo pack of fragrant waxes which are, shall we say, rather unusual: Cold Pizza, Smokehouse, Burn Rubber, Cola, Woodshop, and a golf fairway smell-alike. Dad was not overwhelmed. He says pizza belongs on a plate, and this fairway smells like a mud hole. On the other hand, Jay thinks they’re awesome! I like Cola, Woodshop, and Smokehouse best, and let’s just say Burn Rubber is really a stretch.

They’re no longer available. Dad says, as for Father’s Day, they’re truly a gag gift. Jay, on the other hand, is stocked up for the future.

2013-05-23  »  Marilyn Brandt Smith

Talkback x 2

  1. Mary-Jo Lord
    23 May 2013 @ 3:43 pm

    Lol! I’ll have to look into some of your other fragrances.

  2. Abbie Taylor
    26 May 2013 @ 5:25 pm

    Dad’s birthday and Mother’s Day were often close together, and when Mother was alive, we celebrated them both on the same day. Dad’s favorite cologne was Brute, and I always bought that for him as a rule, either for his birthday or Father’s Day. This year, the drugstore didn’t have Brute so I got Dad Old Sice which was Bill’s prefered fragrance. Those smells certainly bring back memories.