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Ode to Orange

Sunday 22 September 2013 - Filed under Writing

Wear it in Austin to a Longhorns game,
Ride in Boston on its namesake train,
Find it in Belfast and in jail.

Carve old Jack upon its face,
Decorate weddings amongst the lace,
Pretty color for a tomcat’s tail.

In a glass or on buttered toast,
They say bunnies love it most,
Makes a rat believe he’s bold.

Water safety, caution lights,
Be sure to wear it walking at night,
Rangers’ enemy, Florida’s gold.

India and Niger use it in their flags,
Roadwork cones, “Trick or Treat” bags,
Crosswalk banners in the snow.

Catch it in a warm sunset,
How much better could it get?
Thank red and yellow for its glow.

2013-09-22  »  Marilyn Brandt Smith


  1. Abbie Taylor
    26 September 2013 @ 1:02 pm

    Hi Marilyn, I like this poem. For some reason, though, I like orange juice but not the fruit itself. May you have many great oranges.