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Friday 30 November 2018 - Filed under The Buzz

The Grand National Turkey Caller this year is from Mt. Sterling, Kentucky. He won on his tenth attempt. The next contest is the Owl Hooting contest. My granddad kept me laughing with his falsetto rendition, “Who cooks for you all.” He’d drawl that last “All” a bit.

Wish lists for our fam:

Marilyn: New cell phone, and 23 and Me genetic research kit.

Roger, for my husband’s man cave: The Alexa-driven microwave for his coffee and more, and Google Play. Hope Lady A isn’t the jealous type.

Jay’s basement apartment cries out for sound enhancers, computer gadgets, and junk food.

Roger’s seventy-five-year-old sister’s annual six pounds of fudge arrived. We rat each other out if caught cheating. It’s one piece a day. That way it might last ’til Christmas. She makes ten or twelve batches for the big Smith family.

We honor the real reason for Christmas with some of the songs on our 1997 Smith family trio album, and of course with family love. Read the Music section to learn how to download the album from our website.

Merry Christmas, and happy celebrations with harmony, joy, peace, and love.

2018-11-30  »  Marilyn Brandt Smith

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