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Review of the New Cookbook from Newsreel

Sunday 22 September 2013 - Filed under Books + Recipes

“In the Newsreel Kitchen” is an eighty-four-page one-volume comb-bound soft-cover Braille collection of recipes from Newsreel members, staff, and friends. It is also available in large print and regular print. At $20.00, it’s a bargain–about ninety-five recipes from about fifty people from about everywhere in the United States. Proceeds support Newsreel Magazine, a monthly collection of tips, questions, personal experiences, music, and essays.

From breakfast to dessert, they’re all here: Orange Julius; Ham Balls; Fresh Mushroom Soup; Southwest Corn Soufflé; Saturday Night Slumgullion; Caramel Peach Bread Pudding; and Taco Biscuits. Try Crockpot Chicken Stroganoff or Easy Crème Brulée.

This book is dedicated to all cooks who love the old recipes, and are willing to try the new ones. They are easy to prepare, and easy to read. Most were contributed by cooks with many years in the kitchen with low or no vision.

Order by calling 614-469-0700 or 888-723-8737. Send payment made to: Newsreel Magazine By and For the Blind 5 E Long St Ste 1001 Columbus OH 43215-2915 Email:

The last recipe in the book has me fascinated. “French Cakes” requires baking on French iron until golden brown. Now I just have to find some French iron. You’ll love this book if you like variety in mealtime planning.

2013-09-22  »  Marilyn Brandt Smith